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Dear christine,
Enter into 2010 through our NEW entrance. 


Our new addition to the front door will
  • Keep down the heating costs and
  • Keep you warm and dry when the reception area is busy
  • Serve as a space for you to drop off forgotten things or extra food for extended stays during off hours


We also have a new bulletin board for
  • upcoming events
  • information you may wish to post

Wishing you and yours a happy 2010!


Michelle Whittaker
Licensed Veterinary Technician
The Pet Playhouse and Kennels


P.S. Have you made your reservation for February vacation?

Check out the new Tee shirts!

For humans and canines

We are planning to expand our merchandising.

What products would you and your pets like us to carry?

Let us know!

Pet Playhouse Banner 600  Pet Playhouse Banner 600

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We offer compassionate and professional boarding for your pets - whether they be dogs, cats, birds or other exotic companions. Located on a former dairy farm, Pet Playhouse a purpose built structure with over 2500 square feet for your animal to romp and play. Your animals are watched over by a licensed veterinary technician with over 20 years experience. Pet Playhouse has kennels, interior play space, and large outdoor open areas where your animals can have a fantastic time.
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