Hello Dear Christine,

The holidays are fast approaching! 

We are planning our holiday pictures for Dec. 5th. Santa will be here from 1-3 for any and all who would like to have their pictures taken.
Take a gander at some of last years pics and see how much fun we had!
Beverages, cookies and doughnuts will be a plenty!!!!
Santa Claus is Coming to the Pet Playhouse!
santa and friend

Santa and Friend
  $ 10 a picture
Create a Special Family Photo
Just  a few "foot" notes for winter care:
Please make sure all your furry friends have good shelter and protection.

Pay close attention to your dogs feet. Remember that they don't have warm shoes and it does not take long for the cold to set in to their paws.  Here at The Pet Playhouse we take the troops in as soon as we see one animal lifting and holding a paw up!! 
Please be sure to check on water dishes and make sure they are not frozen!

If you are doing a lot of outside excursions, watch your pup's weight. They may need a little more food to keep up with the extra energy spent.  And for winter couch potatoes, you may need to cut back on meal time portions



Michelle Whittaker, LVT

The Pet Playhouse and Kennels
Santa is only visiting from the North Pole for a limited time. We hope you'll come visit. 
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