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This newsletter is all about doggie daycare. If you have ever considered it, or are currently enrolled, I hope you find this informative.
In general, if there are any topics you would like me to discuss in the E-Newsletter, please feel free to email me. 
This edition is dedicated to the furry friends that we have lost in the past year. We will dearly miss them all.

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to your furry and feathered friends so that they can come play with us too.


Michelle Whittaker
Licensed Veterinary Technician
The Pet Playhouse and Kennels


P.S. The holidays are coming fast. Please make your reservations today!!

Is Doggie Daycare Right For You And Your Dog?


The Pet Playhouse has provided doggie daycare for three years. And as with many things, we learned from our experiences. We now know how to provide even better care for your pets.
When we first opened, we accommodated any dog that an owner wanted to bring to daycare no matter what the age, or temperament. We have since learned to begin by checking in with the owner to understand their expectations for their dog.

Here are some of the questions that we ask:
  • Is your dog here for:
  • socialization?
  • training? 
  • company?
  • exercise?
For these needs, please rank them in order of priority.
We have found that it is best to have certain types of dogs on certain days.
For instance,
  •  Tuesday's are for large, young dogs that play pretty hard.
  •  Wednesday's are for small dogs.
  •  Thursday's are for dogs that do more running than playing.
  •  Fridays we have limited space, so we pick personalities, which blend.
Here are our thoughts about daycare for these types of dogs:
Young dogs:
  • Small early doses of daycare, gradually building to a full day seems to be the key.
  • Bringing a puppy to daycare certainly socializes them, but it may give them a lot of stamina. This may mean that you could have a difficult time maintaining that exercise level at home.
  • Puppies may pick up on habits such as barking, jumping up, or marking.
  • There are health risks to exposing puppies who are not fully vaccinated to diseases.
Working breeds:
  • Working breeds are dogs that need large amounts of exercise.
  • They pride themselves on having a job to do.
  • These dogs need large open spaces to run.
  • Because we have lots of pastures, we see many Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.
  • Our goal for these guys, is too keep them running as much as possible.

Older dogs:
  • Older dogs (over the age of 3) come in mainly for the companionship as their owners may have occasion to be gone for long hours. We are extra cautious to guard that older dogs do not get injured during play.
  •  We tend to keep the play a little low keyed and we give them lots of love and attention.

For all dogs:
  • We recommend discussing all your dog's issues with your veterinary care provider.
  • We will do our best to curb your dog's exposure to negative behaviors such as barking, marking. 
  • Our goal is to introduce your dog to opportunities to socialize, learn to share toys and to meet/exceed your expectations.
Once you decide that daycare is right for your dog, we schedule a day for your dog to come in. We start out with a half day. A short introduction, with positive interaction, allows us to assess and evaluate your dog. We make sure your dog has good recall, and we make sure that they get along well with the other dogs. We then decide which group of dogs will best fit your pet and your schedule.
It may take 2-5 days of daycare for your dog to get used to the exercise and the other animals, our facility and our routines. We usually see more traits appear overtime as their confidence grows.
One of the things that we see from time to time is that just like humans, dogs may not like every dog they meet. Another thing that we see occasionally is that some dogs love it here so much, they may feel the Pet Playhouse is their second home. As a result, there are a small number who may exhibit signs of being territorial.
For Daycare Keep in Mind:     
  • Expectations
  • Dog's temperament/breed
  • Disease
  • Habits
  • Special needs/requests
  • Training
It is important to keep in mind that like with any new experience for your pet there are advantages and disadvantages.
Dogs are pack animals. Most are very social and naturally work in a group. Doggie daycare works with your dog's natural instincts. Naturally, we look forward to caring for your dog.
Come play with us! 

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